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October 09, 2018

The Body Chan and Body Kun

is a very beautiful figurine that you must absolutely discover not only because of its flexibility and lightness but especially in relation to the very defined alignment of these muscles, which alignment is very convenient for art practitioners. general, and draftsmen in particular who will have in their possession a figurine with very visible muscular features, and therefore easily traceable or to add features that would be lacking.

The Body Chan and Body Kun can by its nature customizable you will be very useful to be offered as a gift to your child, what child tell me, will not be happy to have fun with a man who looks like him?


Take the most realistic and difficult poses:


It will probably be a little smaller than you can, but not too small to prevent you from using it at your ease. The Body Chan and Body Kun unlike other figurines can be placed on any position you can imagine except in full squatting position as the legs are bent slightly further apart. But never mind, the flexibility facilitated by the lightness of its material will allow you to take the most realistic and difficult poses. You can sit it on objects, which is actually quite easy to balance even on an inclined stapler, then it is only to create an expressive or emotional feeling with his head and arms.

Body Chan and Body Kun the Operator of Magic

The Body Chan and Body Kun had some ideas to do. Regarding these joints, the Body Chan and Body Kun has a range of arms with different shapes, sometimes folded and forming a fist for some, and open for others. These hands are formed in such a way that several other accessories can enter without any problem.

Another thing that is special is that the parts are easy to move and usually stay in place once you move a limb, the torso adjusts to follow the curve the limb moved. In this way you will be able to create offset weight poses to give them a more human look. If you work on the curvature or on the joint joint, you will be able to create an incredible amount of poses, but there are still some limitations due to the fact that it is made of plastic, non-foldable / soft materials in places like the hip joint is limited in height. The joints are firm in the way they really do not allow you to bend them unnaturally, which is handy if you're a beginner in action poses or simply trying to get different angles to draw This figure is practical and ready to try anything.


Disadvantage (none really)

Honestly there are not many, the only real thing that can be seen as a possible problem on the track is the small size of the wrist joint in the hands. Nevertheless, one might think that this small size is made to draw in order to probably not make it lumpy and reduce mobility. But it is possible that with intensive use, it could be a very handy and practical object between all types of hand. The head can also rotate 360 ​​degrees like an exorcist, so there is no real restriction but common sense will prevail if you create a realistic pose. It can take a little time and work to get so you can master this figure and make poses and drawings as you please.

Incredibly happy Customers

Customers, I dare to believe, will be incredibly happy with Body Kun because it did just about everything it was originally created. And aside from its manageability, the lightness of the material used in the making of the Kun Body is another plus point that can also add to one's being. You can play with poses according to your desires, and in addition you will be able to transform this object into a basic tool for any manga / comic artist. There are a few action figures out there that also have a wide range of moves, but not many are really marketed to the artists or have the body created as basic dummies to have deliberate limitations on movements.

Manageability, lightness Body chan and body kun

Body chan and body kun is proposed in with figures presenting very attractive colors highlighting all the silhouette as well as articulations of the object. The sculpture itself is very beautiful in an absolute simplicity but detailed. Thus, even the face that does not bear eyes displays a certain expression which is an excellent point for fans of art. Go ahead, try this figurine and your experience will never be the same again.

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