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Body Chan Drawing Figure - Grey

  • Body Chan

    is a very beautiful figurine that you must absolutely discover not only because of its flexibility and lightness but especially in relation to the very defined alignment of these muscles, which alignment is very convenient for art practitioners. general, and draftsmen in particular who will have in their possession a figurine with very visible muscular features, and therefore easily traceable or to add features that would be lacking.

    Are you an Artist trying to expand your creativity  ? 

    Do you sometimes spend hours looking for reference images on the internet ? 
    Are you an Illustrator and you often need to use reference poses for your work? 
    Or maybe you're just someone creative, looking for a fun new art project?

    Then the Body Kun and Body Chan Artist Figures are what you need


    What is so good about them?


    Timesavers: Stop wasting time online looking for reference poses. Most of the time you won't even find what you need, and you'll just settle for something that looks "close enough". The Body Kun and Body Chan articulated figures can take literally any pose you want. They look incredibly realistic, and they help a lot when you need a quick reference.

    Highly Realistic : Forget those old wooden mannequins that are stiff and impossible to pose. And let's not talk about all the other creepy looking, overpriced artist figures out there. The Body-kun and Body-chan not only look great, but they serve their purpose extremely well, which is to give you the EXACT reference pose you need. With over 30 articulation points, the possibilities are endless. Even their toes are articulated!

    Focus on your art: Spend less time searching for reference material and getting distracted, and spend more time focused on your original idea. Strike that pose, and start sketching!


    What type of artist are you?


    • I'm an Illustrator, painter : No matter the pose you need, the Body-kun can take it. Add variety and excitement to your drawings by making good use of the included display stand, and create all kinds of stunning poses that you wouldn't be able to achieve with other artist figures.
    • I'm a beginner and want to improve: The Body-kun is extremely helpful for beginners. Before being able to draw from imagination, you have to learn how to draw from observation. That means practicing...over and over again. Thanks to these figurines, you'll be able to make the practicing part of drawing fun and exciting! Just make sure you don't get too distracted and end up spending all your posing them instead of drawing!
    • I'm a photographer: Pose your Body-kun and Body-chan figures in all sorts of situations and locations, and create beautiful stories. Play with the angles and the lighting, and create some stunning artistic shots. A lot of artists are already killing it on Instagram with these figurines, make sure to go check them out and get inspired!  #Bodykun
    • I'm a story-boarder : Because they're so easy to pose and look so realistic, these figures are very helpful when making story boards. The included display stand lets you strike an infinite amount of poses and let you create beautiful story boards.
    • I'm a sculptor : The proportions of the Body Kun are highly realistic. Making good use of this figure will help sculptors find inspiration for their work. Try out different poses, find the one you like and start sculpting!
    • I'm a fashion designer : It's time to fill up your fashion sketchbook with all sorts of different poses! Drawing silhouettes and fashion poses has never been so easy with Body-chan. She can replicate any model poses you throw at her.
    •  I make shorts and films: The Body-kun is excellent for stop-motion. With a little patience and creativity you can make some incredible scenes!


    Content of our Offer

    • 1x Body Chan figurine (14 cm) (with the display stand and all accessories) 


      Warning: These Figurines are imported from Asia. Delivery times vary depending on your country. Here are the average delivery times:

      United States: 12-20 days
      Canda/New Zealand/Australia: 12-20 days
      UK: 14-24 days
      Europe: 14-24 days
      Rest of the World: 15-40 days depending on country

      • Info Livraison

        1. Mon article n'est toujours pas arrivé, est-ce normal ?

        La livraison prend 2 à 6 semaines. Si cela fait moins de 6 semaines, rassurez vous votre article est en cours de route. Si votre produit n'est toujours pas là après 7 semaines, merci de nous contacter par mail. *les délais affichés sont pour la France métropolitaine et l'Europe.

        2. Pourquoi la livraison est si longue ?

        Les figurines Body-kun et Body-chan ne sont pas disponibles en Europe. Nous devons les importer directement depuis nos fournisseurs en Asie. Pour éviter des frais de main d'oeuvre et de stockage très élevés, nous ne les stockons pas en France. Cela nous permet de les offrir à un prix plus compétitif qu'ailleurs. Une fois votre commande passée, il faut compter un temps de traitement de 2 à 5 jours avant que le colis ne soit expédié. Ce temps de traitement n'est pas pris en compte dans le délai de livraison annoncé. Une fois le colis expédié, la livraison prend 2 semaines en moyenne, cependant, comme nos produits sont importés, il peut y avoir des délais à cause de la douane Française, qui saisit et bloque des colis au hasard pour quelques jours, voir plusieurs semaines. Nous n'avons aucun contrôle là dessus, C'est pourquoi nous vous demandons d'être compréhensifs et patients. Si au bout de 6 semaines vous n'avez toujours pas reçu votre colis, contactez nous à info@bodykun.net

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